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Credits: 60

Cost per credit: $196

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Psychology AS

The Psychology A.S. degree program prepares you for a future in many fields - human services, operations, not-for-profit, or education. A two-year psychology degree also prepares you to transfer to a four-year college, where you can pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology or a related field. 

The benefit of a psychology degree is its universal application to many fields. A solid understanding of effective communication, user behaviors, and emotional responses prepare students for careers in industries not limited to therapy and counseling. Psychology graduates pursue marketing careers, management positions, community outreach, employee assistance programs (EAP), and non-profit work. 

The curriculum lays the groundwork for a general understanding of psychology, from developmental and social psychology to research methods and statistics. You'll also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge with additional courses in the social and natural sciences, writing, and humanities.

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“This program is challenging but always interesting! I’ve decided on a career in Art Therapy.” – Alicia W., MCC student
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Program consists of: 4 Semesters
60 Credits
Credits: 60

Cost per Credit: New York Residents: $196 Out of State: $392

About the Program

Graduates in psychology have a wide range of professional options available to them. This program will provide students with a foundation for courses in areas such as developmental, social, and abnormal psychology that will allow them to then transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor's degree in psychology.

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Why get a two-year degree in psychology first

  • Graduates will be well-prepared for transfer to a bachelor's degree program in psychology
  • Transfer directly to a four-year college with junior status
  • Take general education and core psychology courses to develop an interest and degree path
  • SUNY community college students pay 60% less than the national average for tuition
  • Students have an associate degree upon completion before learning their bachelor's
  • A two-year degree helps adult students become familiar with the coursework and college demand
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Courses in psychology online

  • Community college psychology students take online courses in
  • Intro to psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Research methods
  • Psychology electives
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Psychology students aren't always Psychologists

  • Psychology offers a wide variety of career paths.
  • A psychology degree puts emphasis on developing critical thinking and communication abilities, and it focuses on Liberal Arts education skills for lifelong professional benefit.
  • Psychology students go on to careers in 
  • Business management and marketing
  • Community outreach and policy
  • Public health and human services
  • Sports therapy
  • Communications and public relations
  • Music and art therapy

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