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Computer Science AS

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Credits: 63

Cost per credit: $207

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Computer Science AS

An associate degree in computer science is an employable degree, which allows you to get a high-demand job while finishing the bachelor's degree. The online, two-year computer science degree at Finger Lakes Community gives students the essential skills that fill the skills gap in the nation.

Computer Science is a hands-on, challenging, and in-demand field that impacts the world in countless ways. Computer scientists play a key role in developing technology and systems for many industries. Healthcare, business, and manufacturing are among some of these industries. Computer science graduates are equipped with in-demand skills including technical, analytical, and problem-solving. The curriculum exposes students to the many areas that are growing in this field such as Virtual Reality, Business Analytics, and Information Technology.

Learn the foundations in programming and computer science while you finish your SUNY general education requirements, all of which prepare you to apply as a junior to cybersecurity and computer science bachelor's degrees.

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"...learning the back-end when I began programming gave me a completely different perspective of my work."
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Program consists of: 4 Semesters
Credits: 63

Cost per Credit: New York Residents: $207 Out of State: $248

About the Program

Learn about the courses and career opportunities in computer science.

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Computer science courses online

  • Computing Sciences Portal
  • Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking
  • Object-Oriented Software Development
  • Technical Ethics
  • Data Structures
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computing
  • Computer Architecture and Organization
  • Computer Science Electives
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Why a two-year degree in computer science is worth it

  • Web developers can get jobs with an associate degree and jobs are expected to grow 8% by 2029 - faster than the national average.
  • Students finish SUNY general education classes while taking core computer science courses
  • Graduates can apply as juniors to bachelor's degree programs in cybersecurity and related computer science areas.
  • Tuition rates at a SUNY community college are 60% less than the national average for college.
  • A two-year degree teaches students critical skills that fill in the technical skills gap in the nation.
  • An associate degree allows graduates to get an entry-level job, which allows them to work while finishing the bachelor's degree in a computer science area.
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Jobs you can get with a computer science degree

  • Paid internship in the IT industry
  • Network Administration
  • Programming and Application Development
  • Software or Multimedia Development
  • Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • Technical SEO Professional
  • Education Technology Analyst 

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