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What makes SUNY Online different?

SUNY Online works with a small cohort of SUNY institutions that offers online degrees. While we do not encompass all online offerings throughout the 64 SUNY campuses, we work to provide administrative support for the institutions and student supports for those on our campuses. We provide students with a Success Coach, who works with them from inquiry to graduation. Our coaches act as an online concierge for all things SUNY and assist our students throughout the entirety of their degree program.


Is SUNY Online Accredited?

SUNY Online degrees are all delivered and awarded by our SUNY schools, which means they are accredited by Middle State Commission on Higher Education. In addition to regional accreditation, individual colleges and degree programs have specialized accreditations.


What programs are offered in the supported SUNY Online model?

SUNY Online offers online degree programs in Accounting, Business, Data Science & Crime Analysis, Healthcare Management, Networking & Cybersecurity and Psychology.


If I enroll in a program, am I a SUNY Online student or a student of one of the campuses?

If you enroll in a degree program, you will be a student of the campus offering the program. When you graduate, your diploma will be identical to the diplomas granted by that college to students studying on campus and will have no indication that you studied through the SUNY Online model.


Can I transfer credits from another school toward a degree with SUNY Online?

Yes, in many instances SUNY campuses will count credit from other accredited institutions toward your degree program. The rules for transfer vary by institution, so it is recommended that you contact a transfer advisor or speak to your SUNY Online coach about previous credits earned.

Review the SUNY General Education requirements to learn more.


I have transcripts from another SUNY institution – can SUNY Online access them or will I still need to order them?

There is no “SUNY hub” of all transcripts, so even if you attended a SUNY institution in the past, you will need to order your transcripts to be sent to the SUNY Online campus to which you are applying.


Why mix and match schools?

By earning as many credits as possible through a community college, you save money by paying a lower tuition rate. You get to experience a seamless and continuous experience, all with the support of a success coach who continues to work closely with you the entire time - even as you move from college to college. Another added benefit is that you can grow your online network of professional contacts by working alongside credentialed faculty from multiple institutions.


Can I get financial aid for courses offered through SUNY?

Yes, financial aid is available to online students, but the type of aid you may be eligible to receive will depend upon many factors. You may be able to receive grants and scholarships, loans or tax deductions for your tuition and school costs, depending upon your personal situation. Some factors that affect your financial aid status are whether you are a full-time or part-time student, and whether you are studying for credit or non-credit. Visit SUNY Smart Trackto find information about the types of financial aid and how to apply.


Is studying really done “on my own time”?

Classes through SUNY Online are asynchronous. This means that there is no set time you’ll have to log into your computer to “attend” class. For example, rather than having students log in to watch a lecture at 3:00 on Tuesdays, students watch the lectures on their own time and complete assigned work appropriately. While you watch the lectures on your own time, there are weekly due dates for each assignment and task that you will need to adhere to.


How much time should I devote to my online courses?

Typically, students should plan on 3-4 hours of work per week per credit hour. For a 3-credit course, you should set aside 9-12 hours per week. While course requirements vary, we encourage students to log into their courses 2-3 times a week to ensure they do not fall behind.


How often can I login and work on my online courses?

Courses that are offered online are usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SUNY campuses may have specific times and dates that courses may not be available or have restricted access. Like traditional on-campus classes, SUNY Online courses have start and end dates according to the college's calendar. Your instructor will provide a course schedule for you to follow along with dates and deadlines for assignments.


What will it be like to take an online class?

If you would like to experience an online class firsthand, please visit the Demo Course.


What technology will I need?

You should have access to a computer with a high speed, broadband or DSL internet connection. Due to the nature of downloading and viewing rich media, dial-up connections are not recommended. You should also be using an internet browser that is supported by your campus. SUNY Online does not provide personal computers to their students. Furthermore, all SUNY Online courses are compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


What if I only need to take a few classes to complete my degree elsewhere?

If you are looking to take a few classes rather than complete an entire program, we recommend students search Open SUNY. Here, you can search an online catalog of all online courses offered throughout the 64 SUNY campuses where you will take the courses as a "non-matriculated" or "non-degree" student. While these do not fall into the SUNY Online supported model, our coaches are happy to assist you in starting your search for online courses at SUNY.  


How do I apply for an online program?

To apply to a SUNY Online or Open SUNY online program, contact one of our Admissions Counselors. They will walk you through the application process step-by-step based on the institution you are applying to.


Whom do I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact a SUNY Online Admissions Counselor at 518-445-4140 or by emailing studyonline@suny.edu. Our team can assist you with additional questions and help you get started on the application process! 

  • A high-quality education at a value you can afford.

  • Courses anywhere, anytime, 100% online!

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  • Open the door to your future with a SUNY degree.

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